Remember that doshas are subtle, influential forces. When their actions in our mind-body constitution are balanced, we experience psychological and physical wellness. When they are unbalanced, we may feel uneasy. When they are more obviously unbalanced -- when one or more of the three dosha influences are excessive or deficient -- discernible symptoms or unwellness can be observed and experienced.


Regardless of the percentages of vāta, pitta, or kapha influences, your basic constitution represents your psychological and physical nature. When balance is maintained, health is optimum

People with pronounced vāta constitution or with a vata imbalance are advised to rest sufficiently, establish and maintain an orderly daily routine, and choose foods, behaviors, personal relationships, and environmental circumstances which can be instrumental in balancing vata characteristics. It is also important to regulate mental and physical impulses and to modify mental attitudes, emotional state, and behaviors in supportive ways.

To Restore and Maintain Balance

It is important to obtain adequate rest and maintain regular lifestyle routines (dinacharya). Begin with positive intention and definite resolve, then follow through with confidence. Appropriate, constructive actions will produce satisfying results. Cultivate mental calm, emotional peace, and optimism. To neutralize a tendency to be "spaced-out," do things that are centering. Avoid attitudes, feelings, behaviors, and relationships which increase vata characteristics.

Sweet, sour, and salty tastes decrease vata influences. Milk, rice, wheat, and some berries and fruits are sweet and have a sweet post-digestive taste.

Regular exercise should be relaxed and moderate.
Hatha yoga in a meditative mood is good; also t'ai chi, walking, and swimming. Avoid activities which are too strenuous. When possible, associate with people who are calmly purposeful. Learn and practice simple pranayama to calm the mind and balance the flows of life force in the body.

Meditate in a relaxed, surrendered manner every day.

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utsāhocchvāsa nisvāsa ceshtā vega pravartanaih.
samyag gatyā ca dhātūnām akshānam pātavena ca

Vāta in its normal state protects the body, bestowing enthusiasm, exhalation and inhalation, all activities of the body, initiation of the urges, maintenance of the dhātu-s, and proper functioning of the senses.

Āyurvedic Sūtra