Remember that doshas are subtle, influential forces. When their actions in our mind-body constitution are balanced, we experience psychological and physical wellness. When they are unbalanced, we may feel uneasy. When they are more obviously unbalanced -- when one or more of the three dosha influences are excessive or deficient -- discernible symptoms or unwellness can be observed and experienced.

 Regardless of the percentages of vāta, pitta, or kapha influences, your basic constitution represents your psychological and physical nature. When balance is maintained, health is optimum.

People with a pronounced kapha constitution or a kapha dosha imbalance are advised to be receptive to useful change, renounce impediments to progress, be intentional in implementing life-enhancing actions, and choose foods, mental attitudes, behaviors, exercise routines, relationships and environmental circumstances which can be instrumental in balancing kapha characteristics.

To Restore and Maintain Balance

Inertia, if present, should be neutralized by choosing to implement constructive actions. Move ahead by renouncing everything that restrains or confines. Become more expansive in mental outlook. Motivate yourself when necessary. Cultivate awareness of your relationship with life as wholeness.

Adopt psychological characteristics and behaviors opposite of those which are characteristic of imbalanced kapha dosha influences. Do not resist the idea of useful change.

Pungent, bitter, and astringent tastes decrease kapha influences. Black pepper, ginger, cumin, chili, and some other spices provide the pungent taste, bitter is provided by some green leafy vegetables, and some green vegetables and beans provide the astringent taste. Note that the tastes which decrease a dosha, increase one or both of the other two. For general purposes, mildly increase the proportion of foods which are helpful while decreasing the others; having a sampling of all six tastes at each major meal.

Regular exercise and Hatha Yoga can be a little more intensive than for vata or pitta constitutions.

Pray and meditate every day.




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Shleshmā sthiratva snigdhava sandhibandha kshamādibhih.

Balanced kapha gives stability, lubrication, firmness of joints,
patience and forbearance.

Āyurvedic Sūtra