Eating For Your Type

If diet is wrong, medicine is of no use.  If diet is correct, medicine is of no need.


To maintain dosha balance, choose foods which are most suitable for your basic mind-body constitution, remembering to have the six tastes represented at each major meal, while reducing the portions of foods which might cause imbalance.

Food should be fresh and clean, devoid of pesticide residues and in the most natural state available before preparation. It is a good idea to avoid overly processed foods and foods with additives of all kinds, especially preservatives. If some foods are not compatible with your system, avoid them. Prepare meals with alert awareness of what you are doing and why.

Eat in a relaxed manner, thankful for nature's gift of food and for the knowledge you have of your relationship with God and the universe. It is best to prepare food only for the meal for which it is intended and not save it for future use, except for foods which may satisfactorily be refrigerated for a day or two. Fresh foods are sattvic: they are nourishing and life-enhancing. Stale foods are tamasic, because the life force is diminished or absent.

Ten habits to avoid: (the key word here is habits). It's alright every now and then if you 'slip up'. Just don't make it a habit!

  • Overeating.
  • Eating without real hunger.
  • Emotional eating or when emotionally disturbed.
  • Drinking fruit juice or excess water during a meal.
  • Drinking chilled or iced water at any time.
  • Eating when constipated.
  • Eating before 7:00am or after early evening.
  • Eating too much heavy food or too little light food.
  • Snacking on anything but fruit between meals.
  • Eating incompatible food combinations, such as fruit with a meal.


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Annam Brahma raso Vishnu
pakto devo maheshvarah
evam jñaktva tu yo bhunkte
anna dosho na lipyate

The creative energy in the food is Brahma.
The nourishing energy in the body is Vishnu.
The transformation of food into pure Consciousness is Shiva.
If you know this, then any impurities in the food you eat
will never become part of you.