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Your initial consultation is the first step of your 'journey of wellness' with Āyurveda. it is the time to meet your practitioner, exhale and relax, and begin working together to achieve balance as you live and experience your life.

In the initial consultation your prakruti (doshic constitution) and vikruti (current doshic state) will be assessed through a variety of detailed questions, pulse reading, tongue and eye analysis, and any other input that you would like to share. We will also review your health history and discuss any current health and lifestyle concerns. You will also gain some insight into the basic and guiding principles of Āyurveda.

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Based on this initial evaluation a treatment plan consisting of suggestions and recommendations for proper diet, lifestyle adjustments, daily routines (dinacharyā) sleep habits, yoga practice and exercise will be prepared for you. This plan may also include advice or suggestions on prānāyāma, meditation, or self-administered procedures according to your constitution. Together we will discuss the plan and come up with the most practical approach for you to implement. There are no 'bars to reach' or measurements to live up to in this treatment plan. Seemingly small changes, done consistently over time, can be the key to bringing about life changing results. We will simply look to find the best way to begin integrating the recommendations into your life in a manner that will work for you. This may include a referral for specific Āyurvedic treatments or to a medical physician.

After three weeks we will review the plan during a followup consultation. Based on your feedback we will take a look at what seems to be working and what may need to be adjusted, discarded, or replaced with a different or more practical approach/routine. Any ongoing appointments or followups will also be discussed.

Initial Consultation (60-90 minutes)  $108
Followup Consultation (30-60 minutes)  $54


Additional Offerings

(Pricing negotiable)

Introduction to Āyurveda

This two hour workshop introduces Ayurveda to those who are just curious, and those who want to learn about the basic principles of this science and how it is applied in everyday living to enhance wellness. The attendees will learn how the 5 elements, 20 attributes, and 3 doshas form the foundation and how that foundation is expressed daily. Everyone will have the opportunity to determine their primary dosha and will gain a deeper understanding of how to 'live well' through that knowledge.  The workshop is a combination of colorful slides, interactive discussion and activities, and lecture.  

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Introduction to Sanskrit

This 2-3 hour workshop is a wonderful way to become familiar with Sanskrit, the language of both Yoga and Āyurveda. The primary focus is placed on experiencing the vibration and subsequent sound of the language as it is expressed at the five mouth positions that are the centers of vibration. Attendees will gain a new perspective on what language is and what it can be. The Sanskrit alphabet and selected sūtras will be chanted and enjoyed.

Living Well: Applying Āyurvedic Principles in Your Everyday Life

This six hour seminar is presented over two days in two 3 hour (with a 15 minute break) sessions. It includes the information presented in the 'Introduction to Āyurveda' workshop. With that information as a foundation, the application of Ayurvedic principles is expanded upon in various areas of daily living such as diet, exercise, Yoga, daily routine (dinacharyā), cooking, relaxation, relationships, and more. This seminar can give you wonderful new tools with which to bring more balance into your life.


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With over 40 years as a professional musician, Ray Booker (guitar/bass guitar, percussion) has a fluid way of blending devotional practice and the beautiful art of music. In a Kirtan session guided by Ray everyone is encouraged and naturally moved to sing, play an instrument, beat a drum, clap their hands or just sit, listen, and experience the vibration that occurs. Through both the sound of the music and the sanctity of silence a time of bhakti yoga is experienced.





समानि व आकूति:
समाना हृदयानि व:  ।
समानमस्तु वो मनो
यथा व: सुसहासति  ।।

samāni va ākūtiḥ
samānā hṛdayāni vaḥ,
samānamastu vo mano
yathā vaḥ susahāsati.

May your intention be similar,
may your hearts be uniform,
may your mind be one,
so that there may be good will among you.

The last verse of the Rig Veda, ancient Vedic text.