Remember that doshas are subtle, influential forces. When their actions in our mind-body constitution are balanced, we experience psychological and physical wellness. When they are unbalanced, we may feel uneasy. When they are more obviously unbalanced -- when one or more of the three dosha influences are excessive or deficient -- discernible symptoms or unwellness can be observed and experienced.


 Regardless of the percentages of vāta, pitta, or kapha influences, your basic constitution represents your psychological and physical nature. When balance is maintained, health is optimum.

People with pronounced pitta constitution or a pitta dosha imbalance are advised to live more moderately, cultivate purity of intentions and actions, and choose food, attitudes, behaviors, personal relationships, and environmental circumstances which can be instrumental in balancing pitta characteristics.

To Restore and Maintain Balance

As recommended for all three mind-body constitutions, attention should be given to life management routines. To have a clear knowledge of purpose, be sure you know why you do what you do. Be aware that you are living your life in relationship with the Infinite. Cultivate an attitude of being a useful agent for constructive accomplishment. Avoid ego-fixation. Cultivate serenity and emotional calm. Avoid mental attitudes, feelings, behaviors, and relationships which stimulate and increase pitta (hot, fiery) characteristics.

Sweet, bitter, and astringent tastes decrease pitta influences; include these in your food plan. Complex carbohydrates, milk, and some fruits are sweet; some green leafy vegetables are bitter; beans and some green vegetables are astringent.

 Exercise should be relaxed and moderate. Hatha yoga, tai'chi, walking, swimming, bicycling, tennis, golf, and any other enjoyable activity can be helpful. Exercise for enjoyment and a sense of well-being. Avoid being overly competitive.

Do things which cool the mind, emotions, and body. Avoid conflicts. Attend to meaningful regimens. Cultivate the virtues of honesty, morality, kindness, generosity, self-control, continued learning, and insightful living, understanding that you are cooperating with a Larger Purpose.

Meditate daily.



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anugrhnāt yavikrtah pittam paktyushma darshanaih.
kshut trd ruci prabhā medhā dhī shaurya tanumārdavaih

Pitta in its normal state maintains digestion, body temperature, vision, production thirst, appetite, complexion, intelligence, courage, valor, and softness of the body.

Āyurvedic Sūtra