Āyurveda means “the science of life”. It is a system of healing that focuses on the complete person which includes the body, mind and spirit. Āyurveda defines wellness not as “the absence of defined disease” but when all bodily tissues, organs, systems and functions are acting together in a balanced way and are able to maintain health and wellness in spite of potential illness-causing influences.  Āyurveda believes that by balancing the various mind-body functions, the natural intelligence of the body will automatically bring itself to wellness.

Āyurveda is complementary to and supportive of traditional western medicine and as practiced in the West, does not replace medical diagnosis and treatment. Āyurveda recognizes that each person is different and has a unique mind-body constitution. It identifies the various components of an individual’s constitution, determines where imbalances and disturbances exist, and provides education, guidance and a plan for helping individuals bring about their own improvements in health and wellness.

Vibrational Ayurveda offers individual consultations to assist in achieving balance your life. We also offer group workshops and seminars. For information on these services and offerings, click here